Taking ePerolehan to the next level with ePerolehan Baharu

ePerolehan Baharu is more than just an advanced version of the current ePerolehan. It is the answer to today's mounting business demands.
As the mechanics of the economy change and grow more competitive, the need for a faster, more efficient state-of-the-art system is vital to increase productivity and reduce costs hence the need for ePerolehan Baharu.




ePerolehan Baharu is packed with enhanced features to support these strategic outcomes:




Supports Strategic Procurement

ePerolehan Baharu has SEVEN KEY FEATURES:

Automation An auto-scoring feature allows the aggregate scoring for tenders to be done with a single click of a button.

Online Creation of Tender Documents Thousands of readily created clauses in the centralised tender specifications library help you quickly create tender documents online.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities Advanced reporting capabilities help you make better purchasing decisions.

Agility New technology easily adapts to changes in business demands.

Mobility Supported in a variety of mobile devices giving you 24/7 access anywhere.

Improved Supplier Relationship Management Supplier-friendly features such as tender alerts and automatic calculation of discounts enhance the supplier relationship.

Performance Management Dashboards enable effective monitoring of procurement performance.

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What is ePerolehan Baharu?

    • The ePerolehan Baharu is a new eP system which will replace the current system in 2018
    • ePerolehan Baharu is not a system upgrade, it is a new system designed to deliver more benefits to users
    • ePerolehan Baharu aims to continue the transformation of government procurement in Malaysia

What are the steps to becoming ePerolehan enabled?

    • There are four (4) steps to becoming ePerolehan enabled. Find out more ( Click Here )

Why do we need a new eP system?

    • The current system is now 17 years old and has served the nation well. Due to the constant evolution of technology and best practices in government procurement, this is the best time to take that quantum-leap and shift the system from being operations based to a strategic- based procurement system.

What is different about ePerolehan Baharu?

The ePerolehan Baharu system will feature:
    • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
    • Flexible architecture, which will allow us to change and update the system easily in line with future requirements
    • Clear and intelligent reporting, based on a Business Intelligence engine, to aid decision-making and troubleshooting
    • Online help capability for users
    • Seamless integration between processes, which will drive increased efficiency

Who is involved in ePerolehan Baharu?

    • Seksyen eP and commercedotcom are collaborating to develop ePerolehan Baharu, and have included other partners to bring their expertise to the project

Where can I find out more about the project?

    • The project team will be communicating milestones achieved over the course of the project
    • Seksyen eP and CDC team members are also available for comments and questions